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  Endorsed by Bill Cosby, Julius "Dr.J" Erving, Dr. Ben Carson, Tony  Campolo, Joe Frazier, and many others, this unique 4-CD audio  book exposes racist distortions of African achievements, analyzes examples of African American success stories, and offers a process for individual healing and cross-cultural understanding. Truth-centric. 

  Co-written and read by Dr. Joel Freeman and Don Griffin in a professional studio, this gripping audio book is a "must-listen-to" book for anyone with the courage to know the truth. This unabridged 4-CD Audio Book is 5 hours long.

  The 4-CD Audio Book version is designed especially for busy professionals who dedicate their commuting time listening to audio books. Also, this audio book  was designed for people who can't read and the sight-impaired.

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  Intrigued by what others have said?  Decide for yourself!  Portions of the book are provided for your perusal. Plus we have the 4-CD audio book version available.


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  The 184 page book (Return To Glory), its 4-CD Audio Book version, the award-winning film (DVD), 140 minute video "A White Man's Journey Into Black History" and other resources may be purchased through the Internet, general market and book stores.  These resources may be ordered directly right now and will be autographed to your specifications. Ask about discounts for quantities ordered.


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