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T h e   Co-A u t h o r s . . .Don Griffin and Joel Freeman

  D O N A L D   B .   G R I F F I N ,  M . A .

  Don, an African-American is an accomplished human resources executive, an ordained minister, teacher. historian and counselor. Don is passionate about creating opportunities for maximizing the full potential of individuals, families, teams and organizations. Born and raised in Easton, PA, he currently works as the Head of Human Resources for a large company in New Jersey.

  Don possesses a wealth of hands-on experience combined with a unique ability to simplify the complex and communicate with clarity to people of diverse backgrounds. He functions capably whether addressing the homeless in the inner city or to the concerns of executives in corporate boardrooms.

  He holds a bachelor's degree in history from Lafayette College, a master's degree in biblical counseling from Trinity Theological Seminary, is a Ph.D. candidate in conflict management and is a certified behavioral analyst/consultant. An athlete most of his life, Don was co-captain of both his high school and college basketball teams and continues to enjoy sports.

  After being ordained in 1999, Pastor Don and his wife Brenda have pioneered Green Pastures Community Church. Don as also serves as marriage and family counselor. Residing in Pennsylvania, Griffin is a loving and committed husband and father.

  J O E L   A .   F R E E M A N ,  P h . D .

  Accomplished author of seven bestsellers in 28 languages. Internationally sought-after speaker and trainer. Serial entrepreneur. Professional counselor. Success coach to executives. Behavioral analyst. Organizational culture change specialist. Rosetta Stone history expert. Multiculturally astute. Philanthropist. Motivational consultant to professional athletes. Photographer. Award-winning film maker. A student of history. Devoted husband and father. Off-key singer and extremely bad dancer. No bull. No hype.

  Joel, a White man from a small town in Alberta, Canada with a Ph.D. in counseling, served as mentor/chaplain for the NBA’s Washington Wizards (formerly the Bullets) for 19 years ('79-'98). He is president of The Freeman Institute, an organizational culture change firm based in Severn, Maryland, and facilitates many seminar programs, including the popular:

          -- "Dealing With People Who Drive You Crazy!"®
          -- "A White Man's Journey Into Black History"®
          -- All Stressed Out and No One to Choke
          -- "Diversity: The Value of Mutual Respect"
          -- "When Strangling Someone Isn't An Option."
 -- "If Nobody Loves You, Create The Demand!"
          -- "Ignite Your Entrepreneurial Passion!"
          -- "Lessons From Blades of Grass in a Concrete Jungle"
          -- "The Mysterious Rosetta Stone: A Code-Crackin' International Treasure"

  Listed in Marquis Who’s Who in the World, he also coaches executives in their personal/ professional lives. Freeman facilitates seminars with leaders in the Federal Judiciary, music and entertainment industries, corporations, government agencies and heads of state of other nations. Dr. Freeman has also received rave reviews for his Black History and Diversity presentations.  

  The Freeman Institute® (CEO, Dr. Joel Freeman) owns an impressive Black History Collection of 3,000+ vintage documents and artifacts, with the oldest piece dated 1553. The prime objective of The Freeman Institute Foundation is to establish Freeman Black History Galleries, connecting the African American experience with galleries in major U.S. cities and in selected cities internationally (parts of Canada, Europe, Africa and South America and every Caribbean country).

  All of the Kings and Queens of Africa were invited to attend a Pan African conference in Benin, West Africa, August 2002. Dr. Freeman participated in this event and is making a film about the past, present and future perspectives of the African Kingdoms. Feel free to participate in his latest book project, The Moment.

  In October 2004 Dr. Freeman was a keynote speaker for the Association of International Schools of Africa (AISA). Three conferences were held in Botswana, Kenya and Senegal to make it easier for member and affiliate school faculty/administrators/staff to attend. Because of generous donations to the The Freeman Institute Foundation, Freeman was able to donate a copy of the DVD film to every international school library in Africa. In 2007 he returned to speak again for AISA in Ghana and Kenya.

  As husband (Shirley) and father of four children (David, Jacob, Jesse and Shari), Freeman resides in Maryland.


VIDEO: Dr. Joel Freeman on Fox News Channel discussing the event at the
United Nations where 20 documents and artifacts from his Black History Collection
were showcased at the UN "Transatlantic Slave Trade" exhibition.


The Freeman Institute® Black History Collection

         This ever-expanding Collection has items such as:
   1. Authentic, priceless slave ball, with handle (50 lb.) -- #3 written on it, for "trouble-makers", manufactured late 1600s -- used on the London-based slave ship, Henrietta Marie, the oldest identifiable slave ship wreck in the world (summer, 1700) ; featured in National Geographic's (August, 2002). 
 By one estimate Henrietta Marie’s cargo grossed well over £3,000 (more than $400,000 today) for the ship’s investors. Most of the captives were headed for sugar plantations where they’d be worked to exhaustion, many dying within five to ten years. Sturdy and fast, The Henrietta Marie traveled the infamous triangular trade route  favored by the slavers - from England to the Guinea coast, to the Americas, then home again. Accounts relating to the Henrietta Marie’s voyages were uncovered, as were the names of her investors, captains, and wills of some of her crew members. Artifacts found at the site proved particularly helpful in creating a picture of shipboard life and the practices of the slave trade.
   2. Two Wedgwood jasperware black on white Anti-Slavery medallions, with the bound slave on the front, and the words "Am I Not A Man and A Brother?" around it. Also, a rare 1800s antique bronze figure of man (6" high, weighs 18 oz.) pictured in medallion.

   3. One-of-a-kind signed letters/albums/contracts/sheet music from Nat King Cole, Dizzy Gillespie, Duke Ellington, Lionel Hampton, Louis Armstrong, B. B. King, Ethel Waters, Pearl Bailey, Miles Davis, Fats Domino, Quincy Jones, Earl Hines, Ella Fitzgerald, Sammy Davis, Jr., Grover Washington, Jr., Count Basie, Mills Brothers, Ozzie Davis, Lena Horne, Four Tops, Cicely Tyson, James Brown, Charlie Pride, Bo Diddley, Bobby Blue and others...

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   4. A rare 1838 (third edition) copy of Phillis Wheatley's book, "Memoir and Poems of Phillis Wheatley, A Native African and a Slave" -- Includes memoir, George Washington's letter to Wheatley, preface by John Wheatley, plus poems by another slave, George Moses Horton, with introduction and letters. And also the 1773 edition of the Gentleman's Magazine -- first published mention of Phillis Wheatley's book, first printed in the UK, paid for by the Countess of Huntingdon.

   5. Silver Civil War locket (1860s), containing two tin-type pictures of African American women, worn by an African American soldier.

   6. The Rosetta Stone, a First Edition 55-page article
in Archaeologia: Miscellaneous Tracts Relating to Antiquity, Volume XVI, published by The Society of Antiquaries of London. 1812. Some of the first published articles about the Rosetta Stone. This is historic in light of the fact that the code to Hieroglyphics wasn't cracked until 1822 by Jean Champollion.

   7. Riggs Bank check written and signed on July 3, 1907 by Judson W. Lyons, ex-slave from Georgia and first African-American lawyer to practice in the state of Georgia. He was appointed Register of the US Treasury from 1898-1906 and as such, his signature appeared on US currency issued during those years.

   8. 1820s "T Porter" slave button (from Antigua, British West Indies), used to identify the slave owners.

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