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   Endorsed by Bill Cosby, Julius "Dr.J" Erving, Dr. Ben Carson, Tony Campolo, Joe Frazier, and many others, this unique book exposes racist distortions of African achievements, analyzes examples of African American success stories, and offers a process for individual healing and cross-cultural understanding. Truth-centric. Co-written by  Don Griffin and Dr. Joel Freeman, this gripping book is a must-read for anyone with the courage to know the truth.


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   Intrigued by what others have said?  Decide for yourself!  Portions of the book are provided for your perusal. 

   Plus we have the 4-CD Audio Book version available, designed especially for busy professionals who dedicate the commuting time in their automobiles to listen to audio books. Also, this was designed for illiterate youth and for sight impaired individuals.

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   Below is the transcription of a 4-page letter hand-written by a young from Florida. This is just one example of the impact the book is having on readers:


  To Return To Glory --    My name is Patrick. I am 22 years old. I heard about this book from a guy I barely knew at work. I donít usually read but for some reason that title, ďReturn To GloryĒ stuck in my head. 10 months later I finally bought the book. I was hooked. I intended on reading a few words. Honestly, didnít expect to finish the book. I figured I would get bored after a few pages. 

  When I picked the book up, I couldnít put it down. Chapter after chapter I felt like I was being reborn. After reading the book I feel like Iíve been lost for all these years and walking in the dark, but finally see a spark of light.

  I can say that I lost faith in the Great Warrior. But this book has encouraged me to re-invite Him back into my life. Like a domino effect or ďSiroccoĒ effect, I feel like Iím starting to see and notice more signs encouraging me to keep moving. Not to be stagnant but to grow, live and learn.

  I donít have a role model and never had one as a young boy. My mother, bless her heart, no matter how hard she tried could not give me that model or what a man and who a man was. 

  All I heard was that my father ainít shit. And all I seen were her boyfriends beating her up, beating on her. See there was really no positive to being a man but feeling that I was destined to be nothing more than waste.

  I just wanna say that now Iím a young man that wants to stand on my own two feet. But lacking for a lot more inspiration and information on how I can learn to be comfortable in my own skin. I tend to fear the unknown, scared of the dark and I just need something to show me that regardless of my environment and how I was programmed. My father was weak, not because he was weak in the mind, but in the flesh. But I realize that I am already blessed. Instead of worrying about what I donít have I see that I need to be thankful for what I do have (mother and family and friends).

  Iíve built barriers around myself to protect myself from the world and to keep everything out. But not knowingly blocking my blessing along with everything else. Now I see I am a prisoner in my own mind because the walls I have to keep everything out is also keeping me in, preventing me to explore, learn, grow, feel and most importantly fly. I want to kiss the sky.

  This book has shown me that I have wings and they have a purpose. I want to say that Iím not educated, but I truly canít say that. I still need more because even though this book has sparked my interest it still hasnít moved me. I need much more. My walls are still thick and strong to break through may take a lifetime. But I donít care. Iíll put forth the effort. I just hope you can point me in the right direction with more.  

     Thank you,


  The book (Return To Glory), its 4-CD Audio Book version, award-winning film (DVD), 140-minute video "A White Man's Journey Into Black History"ô and other resources may be purchased through the Internet, general market and book stores.  These resources may be ordered directly right now online and will be autographed to your specifications. Ask about discounts for quantities ordered.


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