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What folks are saying...

  A Prison Chaplain reported, "We showed the film to approximately 350 inmates (Christians, Muslims, atheists, Black, White and Hispanic) at the Indian Creek Correctional Facility, Chesapeake, VA. Normally, when we do something like this with this many in attendance, there is a lot of talking and shuffling about. We work with these guys every week and I know how tough many of them are to reach. But while the film was being shown we were amazed because there was absolute silence in the entire auditorium for 45 minutes. You could have heard a pin drop. When the film was finished the entire group spontaneously stood up with a standing ovation. I saw quite a few with tears in their eyes. I have never seen anything quite like this before. In this prison we deal with a few men who are philosophers and thinkers. They love to debate everything. After seeing the film, they told me that they were blown away by the message of this film.  They want a copy of the film for their library. I am sure that it will be watched many times. Based upon this single experience, I am confident that this Return To Glory film will have a positive impact in every prison across America."

  An educator stated, " fills a void in knowledge for all. The film was very accurate with the history and everyone can learn something, regardless...very inspirational."

  A young African American man from Florida wrote, "...I am 22 years old. I heard about this book from a guy I barely knew at work. I don’t usually read but for some reason that title, “Return To Glory” stuck in my head. 10 months later I finally bought the book. I was hooked. I intended on reading a few words. Honestly, didn’t expect to finish the book. I figured I would get bored after a few pages. When I picked the book up, I couldn’t put it down. Chapter after chapter I felt like I was being reborn. After reading the book I feel like I’ve been lost for all these years and walking in the dark, but finally see a spark of light..."

  A young Cuban/Guatemalan man wrote, "Return To Glory is one of the best books I have ever read. It actually talks about a topic that most people don't talk about...My mother's side is Guatemalan. All her family lives back home. I remember when I was young, my mother told me that she was Mestizo and my Grandma was real Indian. As for my father, his side is Cuban. The thing about being Cuban is that we have white and black cousins in the same family. And truthfully, when your family is mixed, you don't think about race. If you think about it, we're all related to one another in a certain way...God bless those who made this book possible. If the truth has been taken away, we can always get it back..."

   Through the Return To Glory Foundation Don and Joel are continuing to raise the funds necessary to donate the special "not-for-resale" edition of the DVD version of the award-winning film (with uncut interviews, Ancient Egyptian Photo Gallery, music videos and more surprises) to every juvenile detention facility, rehab center, prison and school (Middle, Junior High, Senior High, College, University) in America. This is an enormous, ongoing project...

   We welcome your financial help with this ambitious project. The film is now translated into French, Portuguese and Spanish. We plan to donate over 100,000 copies of the DVD version of the film throughout the continent of Africa, Brazil, Haiti and the Caribbean, and parts of Europe . Contact Freeman and Griffin with your sponsorship/creative fund raising ideas.

How You Can Participate In This Project?

 1. Send a tax deductible check or money order to:

P.O. Box 305
Gambrills, MD 21054

 2. Because of the ongoing impact of the message of this film, your church can select Return To Glory to be a part of its "Mission's Budget". The money raised will enable us to donate the special "not-for-resale" DVD version of the film to schools, juvenile detention facilities, rehab centers and prisons across America. We are also considering donating DVDs across Africa, parts of South America and the Caribbean. 

 3. Perhaps you can host an area-wide screening of the film, inviting a number of pastors, educators and community leaders to attend a screening at your church.  You can encourage a number of churches to make Return To Glory a part of their annual "Mission's Budgets". A wonderful by-product springing from this type of screening -- the film can also serve as a tool for cross-cultural understanding and dialogue when various churches come together for such a purpose.

 4. Your company/organization/family/sorority/fraternity/club can commit to making monthly or yearly donation.

 5. Ask some neighbors, co-workers and friends to come over to your home for a private screening of the film. See if they are willing to help with their prayers and financial support.

 6. Make a contribution in memory of or in honor of someone dear to you. Please indicate a name and address of the individual to whom an acknowledgement can be sent if you would like the Freeman Institute Foundation to do so. Dollar amounts are not included in the letters of acknowledgement.

 7. Don Griffin and Joel Freeman are available to attend (schedule permitting) a limited number of regional film screenings (may be viewed as fund raising events). Contact them if you have some creative ideas you are confident can be implemented. Don or Joel can attend, making some remarks after the screening and then fielding some questions.

 8. Donate by credit card:

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